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Cloud Backup and Restore Features

Microsoft Office 365 and Google G-Suite do not provide data backup and recovery.
Ultimately, you are responsible to keep your organisation’s data safe from deletion, ransomware, account taker over and hackers.

Choose Your Backup Location

With Protected Intelligence your Office 365 or G-Suite backup data is stored in our cloud in Europe, Canada or USA.


2x Faster Backup & Restores

Backup and restore 2x faster than alternatives because Protected Intelligence is a next-generation cloud service.


GDPR + Data Security

With end-to-end encryption your data is stored where you select and is compliant with GDPR.

Unlimited Versions + Deletions

Restore files from any chosen date and time. Deleted files are always retained by default.


Automatic or Manual Backup

Your backup runs several times each day, or run a manual backup with a single click.


Flexible Restore

Restore data to the same / other accounts, in-place or to a new folder.

100% Cloud

100% Cloud, No Software To Download or Install. Your organisation data is protected in under 1 minute.

Email Status Reports

Receive a status report by email about the activity of your backup when using Protected Intelligence.



Configure end-user access to let end-users sign into Protected Intelligence to restore their lost items.

Set and Forget Automatic Office 365, Teams, G-Suite Backup

Protected Intelligence automatically runs a backup of Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams or Google G-Suite to one of our secure cloud destinations which are located in Europe, Canada or USA.

Unlimited Storage + Versions

Protected Intelligence comes with unlimited cloud storage and unlimited versions for your backup.

With Protected Intelligence you can always go back in time to restore your data from any version of your backup which you require.

Automatic SaaS Cloud Backup

With Protected Intelligence your backup of Office 365, Teams, One-Drive or G-Suite happens all by itselfseveral times each day and does not require your computer or server to be switched on.

New user accounts in Office 365 and G-Suite are automatically detected by Protected Intelligence are then set to be automatically backed up.

Intelligent Ransomware Protection

Protected Intelligence will run a backup when ransomware attack is detected to backup any data which has not been previously backed up.

Protected Intelligence will also point out the last clean backup unaffected by an attack.

With Immutable backup storage, data in previous backups cannot be affected by cyber-attacks.


Full Text Search

Protected Intelligence includes a full-text search engine allowing you to find and locate data inside your backup using keywords and phrases, plus you can search within all your email content.

ai Error Handling

With intelligent handling of errors (4xx, 5xx), Protected Intelligence avoids the API limit placed on connections to Office 365 and G-Suite.

Backup’s runs in parallel and are automatically rescheduled or reconfigured and retried when any problematic backup tasks are detected.

Access Control + Security

With end-to-end encryption in transit and at rest, your data is safe and encrypted inside Protected Intelligence.

When you create your account you select where to send your backup data to, our cloud in either Europe, Canada or USA and we are compliant with GDPR.

Faster Backup + Restores

Backup and restore your data at twice the speed of alternative SaaS Cloud backup solutions because Protected Intelligence is a next generation service.

Email Reporting

Protected Intelligence allows you to view the backup activity and statistics in real-time. No waiting for reports to run, you view live data as and when it happens.

Users and administrators can receive daily or weekly backup reports by email.

Help + Assisted Install

We provide screen-share and telephone support during normal UK business hours Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

You can also use the help and support section on our website where we reply the same day.